Autumn Orchid


//21 years of age.
Tattoos and stretched ears//
Coffee // Hostess Cupcakes // Lights

The basement of the Alamo, made the entire trip worth it…

Even more so than the proposal…

Guinness world record museum

And of course, THE RING <3

My super hawt fiancé :)

Finally got Chick-fil-a! :D

Today my best friend proposed to me at our first hockey game… And I said YES! He couldn’t have done it in the best way

As you can tell, jess went camera crazy

Waiting for our flight to San Antonio :D super excited!

So far what under my tree looks like. 2 gifts are missing under it and i’m still not done yet.

Cold as balls at work. Come visit?

@sistacheefa this is on it’s way to you tomorrow. I made the card and envelope :) #penpal #snailmail #letters #DIY #crafts #postalservice #faraway #handmade